Doctor Appointments

Need a ride to your appointment but are unable to drive yourself? The New York City Chauffeurs, Fortune Limousine can provide you with the assistance you need. When you need to get to a source of medical care, Fortune Limousine provides non-emergency transportation to our medical clients who are in need of assistance in making their appointments on schedule. When your condition is not life threatening, Our team of professionals and our experience chauffeurs will assist you when you have a non-emergency appointment to that you must meet which can be a cost effective alternative to other forms of transportation. Our services can be seen as a benefit to loved ones who may not necessarily be readily available to address your needs which may come at the cost of their work productivity, possible and precious sick days from work, increased use and damage to their vehicles and even the cost of gas which can hinder your love ones livelihood, causing resentment towards you.

Fortune Limousine cares for the well being of its customers and strives to assist its customers with cost effective transportation to their doctor’s appointment, providing and catering to your needs when we can. Our uniformed Chauffeurs are highly experienced and are back by our talented dispatchers who are ready to provide them with the information they need to ensure that you are picked up and dropped off within the timeframe of your appointment, while you ride in the safety and comfort in one of our many luxury fleet of vehicles that range from late model sedan, stretch limousines, SUV’s and even Buses. Each vehicle is well maintained and fully equipped with GPS navigation which helps the chauffeur in getting you to your destination on time and with the quickest route available.

If you have an appointment, are getting physical therapy or outpatient surgery and is not a life threatening situation, contact the New York City Chauffeurs, Fortune Limousine for a safe and comfortable experience that’s not only enjoyable, but therapeutic! Call (212) 838-2622 or reserve your chauffeur with us online today!

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