Company History

Each Monday, at the age of 12, Nathan Siegel would go to the front window of his parent’s Laundry Store and waited. He waited for the owner of Coney Island’s Nathan’s Hotdogs (the name merely a coincidence) to arrive in a polished black limousine. Thrilled by the shiny vehicle, Nathan knew that one day he would drive a limousine. Nathan Siegel is the original founder of Fortune Limousine. The son of immigrants, Nathan was born 1922 on the east side of Manhattan and was raised in Coney Island.

In the 1930’s Nathan began working as a chauffeur driving the owner of a prominent hotel in the mountains in a 1934 station wagon. On May 8th, 1945, Victory in Europe day, while headed to New York City to celebrate, Nathan was finally offered his first opportunity to drive a real limousine. Following the war in 1946, he purchased his first limousine, a used 1938 Buick. It was from this one car that he started what is now known as Fortune Limousines. Impressed by his enthusiasm, Nathan's client base began to grow. Eventually in 1951, Nathan began providing transportation to the United Nations. During this time he was driving foreign dignitaries, U.S. ambassadors, foreign ambassadors, and various heads of state.

Consequently the U.S. Department of State sought out Nathan's services as the exclusive chauffeur of the U.S. Secretary of State and other prominent government figures in the highest branches of our Government. As Nathan's reputation grew so did his business. Nathan retired from servicing the Department of State in the 1980’s and focused on his flourishing limousine business. At or around this time, many of Nathan's clientele consisted of numerous Fortune 500 companies. Accordingly, Nathan named his company Fortune Limousines, Inc. During this time, in addition to serving resident New Yorkers, Fortune limousine was also providing limousine service to the world’s most popular entertainers, actors and actresses, Nobel Prize winners, scientists, astronauts, authors, movie directors and producers, numerous TV personalities, musicians, leading bands, and many more, too numerous to mention. Over many decades, Fortune Limousine was honored as the exclusive provider of limousine services to some of New York’s most exclusive hotels.

Having such a distinguished clientele depending and relying upon Fortune Limousine was very demanding on Nathan's time. However, he managed to get married and raise a family consisting of his wife and 3 children. Eventually, his two sons, Robert and Phillip, would become equally fascinated in the limousine business and joined their father in the family operations in the late 1970’s. Nathan continued working in Fortune Limousines until 2007 when he retired at 85 years old. Now that Nathan is “retired,” Fortune Limousine is headed by his sons Robbie and Philip. Although, as they will tell you, their dad continues to call on a daily basis to “make sure all is fine.” As you will also find, Robbie and Philip have every intention of continuing the family tradition and legacy of excellence and superior service started by their father.